Montreal's EPA By-law

For Fireplaces - Stoves - Inserts

Learn everything you need to know about Montreal's new by-law on solid-fuel-burning appliances and how to comply with the new regulations.

What's the new Montreal by-law concerning solid-fuel-burning appliances all about?

As of October 1st 2018, all fireplaces and stoves that burn solid materials such as wood, pellets, eco-logs or coal must be replaced if they emit more than 2.5 g/hr of fine particles into the atmosphere. In other words,the use of solid-fuel-burning appliances is prohibited unless they are recognized by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and meet or exceed the 2.5g/hr limit. A fine up to $2000 can be applied to individuals and up to $5000 for business. It is also important to note that owners of such appliances are required to register their existing unit with the city of Montréal (as of December 22nd, 2015).

How to know if your fireplace or stove needs to be replaced:


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Free Download: Montreal EPA-approved product catalogue

This guide includes:

  • Over 80 fireplaces, stoves, & inserts. All EPA-approved and comply with the Montreal By-Law.
  • All you need to know about the new Solid-Fuel-Burning by-law.

Every unit in this catalogue either meets or exceeds the listed requirements in accordance to Montreal's new by-law on solid-burning appliances.

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